Privacy Policy

1. Confidential information means any and all information, documents, notes and data, including,

without limitation, technical drawings, documents and processes. Irrevocably and uncontitionally

undertakes to keep strictly secret any and all confidential information of the disclosing to it and to

refrain from disclosing such information to any third parties without the prior written Corporation.

2. Our company shall treat any and all confidential information strictly confidential and shall not

use such information, neither directly nor indirectly, for any purpose other than for the evaluation

or the performance of the Project.

3. Our company recognizes claims to ownership of customer firms intellectual property rights, in

particular its trademarks. In no event may our company use or permit others to use such rights,

including the name, logo or other trademarks, patents, products or product designs, company,

business or trading names of customer firms, as a reference or otherwise without the express

prior written consent of Customer firms.


4. Conclusion: Our company will sign the corresponding non-disclosure agreement according to

the regulations of the customer


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